Monday, May 7, 2012

Project: Backlog

For too long these games have just been sitting there in my Steam library. Now it's time to finally play them!
All these games are either bought at a Steam sale, or obtained a similar way, when I thought "Hey, this game looks so much fun, I can't wait to play it for 40 hours!". SCREW YOU BRAIN!

As you can see, Half Life 2: Episode Two is already installed and I almost finished it, giving me a good start. After playing these games, I might write a short review, depending on how much fun it was and, of course, how motivated I am to write them.

Wish me luck!


  1. hmmm funny i never heard of this game guess i should check it out myself Hobbies

  2. pc requirements for this game

  3. Looking foward to read your review!

  4. i m sure these games are very interesting

  5. fun backlog
    sure you will enjoy it lot