Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project: Backlog - Update #1

So here's my first update on Project: Backlog. As you can see in the above picture, some games disappeared and some are new. Well, only one is new, which is Max Payne 2. I just finished the first Max Payne, so that isn't on the list anymore, but was. I removed three games from the list, because I will never have the intention or motivation to play them. They are just either not my type of game, or are for me personally not motivating enough. These three are Alien Breed 2: Aussault, Frozen Synapse and SpaceChem. All of these were either gifted, or I got a key for free, so I never payed for them. So no remorse there.

Right now I've finished three games. These are Half Life 2: Episode 2, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes and Max Payne. I've started playing Sam & Max 102: Situation: Comedy but haven't finished it yet.
So here are small reviews of those games:

Half Life 2: Episode 2:
This game might be old in terms of graphics and gameplay, but it is still a fun game. The story keeps you going and the puzzles and scenarios are great. I've waited so long to play this game and never understood, why everyone wanted Episode 3 so bad. Now I know. How could Valve leave us on such a cliffhanger and then let us wait for almost five years and there's still no Episode 3 in sight. Maybe they'll reveal something at E3, but that's just wishful thining I guess.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes:
I was rather surprised by this game actually. I've played the first mission a few years ago or so and the AI got bugged and then I didn't want to play any further. The campaign leads you different places on the earth, where your help is needed as one member of the responsible special forces team in that area. While the missions vary story-wise, they are basically just 'run and gun' parts, while you of course need to find cover or use a little tactic sometimes. So the gameplay didn't convince me, but the story did. For that price right now on Steam (9.99€) it's alright. You'll get Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike, so that's a nice deal, while the multiplayer servers are mostly empty. Your choice.

Max Payne:
In anticipation to Max Payne 3, I wanted to play the first two games before, so I know, if it's something I like. And boy do I like it. I can't believe I overlooked this game for so long. The story and the gameplay are both awesome, while the story really stands out. While playing, you get cutscenes in comic book style, telling the story in a different way than usual.
Easily the funniest part in the game.
I don't want to spoil the story other than saying it's really dark. I think the right term for this would be 'noir'. Check this game out, if you haven't. It's really worth it.


  1. I was grossly unaware there were so many Sam & Max games

    1. The first Season is from 2006 and the last from 2010. They had some time to make them.

  2. wow quite a few sam and max. max payne 2 is awesome too, i actually started today playin max payne 3 und gotta get that too

  3. Lots of games there, I kinda envy you had time to play all these you reviewed : D Also: I REALLY hope that playing Max Payne 1 and 2 is just a 'prequel' before playing Max Payne 3 which will hit the shelves on May 29. For PC, that is - PS3 and XboX360 version are available right now.

    1. Yes, Max Payne 3 made me play the first two, to see, if I like the gameplay. I'm looking forward to it.

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