Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mod: DayZ (ArmA 2)

Are you a fan of zombies and video games, but recent games featuring zombies are not your type, because they all seem the same? Here's the solution!

This mod features a persistent world, in which you need to survive. You need to find ammo, food, water and weapons, while zombies are lurking behind every corner. The map is 225 km² large, leaving you an almost endless world to explore...and to find other players. You can either group up, or kill other players for their items. It's all up to you.

If you don't really know, what to make of this description, watch this ongoing series of videos, in which you follow a few players, trying to survive:

Did you enjoy it? Here's the link to the mod:

The mod is still in the alpha, so if you haven't bought ArmA 2 yet and want to for this mod, be ready for complications before and while playing.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Movies I Just Watched: Rosemary's Baby

The Story In One Sentence (from IMDb):
A young couple move into a new apartment, only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins controlling her life.

My Opinion:
There's only one thing to say about this movie: HOLY CRAP! No, not in a bad way. I literally watched this movie 5 minutes ago...I'm still baffled. The whole movie let's you speculate, wether it's just paranoia of the woman, or it might be real, but nothing can prepare you for the end, which gives you a huge WTF face, that you'll keep for the last 10 minutes.

Would I Recommend It?
Yes. If this still would be in cinemas, I'd tell you to watch it there, but a DVD buy seems good enough. I can't believe I wasn't even sure, if I should watch it. Watch it. NOW!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Didn't Get It (My Internship, My Future)

See that dog up there? That was me the whole day.

So yeah, today I got a letter from Media Markt and it says that they chose other applicants for the apprenticeship and they wish me luck for whatever.
This really bums me out. I had so much fun at the internship and I thought I did a really good job. My colleaugues said, I did my job well, so why the hell they didn't want me? I guess the other interns were better than me at putting boxes in the shelf and putting labels on the products.

My future plans? Well. This year is almost over for applications, but there is still a convention for apprenticeships this weekend, which I will visit. I hope to find something, that atleast interests me and will get me over till next year. Because guess what?
I'm gonna apply for the same apprenticeship next year at Media Markt again!
That's right! Like they can scare me away with my first try. I told the community manager in the application conversation already, if I don't get the apprenticeship, I'll get a job and apply next year again. Then they'll know, I'm serious.

New blogposts? We'll see. I have to get through this crap first. Atleast I passed the theoretical test for my driving license. Only a few more weeks to go, till I can legally drive a car.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back Home Again (My Internship)

So my internship ended yesterday and I finally got to sleep till noon again. Feels good to be honest, but it definatly was worth it to get up early and work for the four days.

The internship was awesome, even though I didn't get so much to do. As an intern you mostly get to do the stuff, that the employed people don't want to do. But let's start at the beginning.

On the first day I arrived 30 minutes early, which is of course better than 30 minutes too late. I then sat down in the break room and waited for the community manager (if that is the right word in english), while the four other interns arrived. Other then greeting each other, it was an awkward silence. After a few minutes the community manager then got us into another room, where we got to know each other better. After that we went through the whole market and saw for example the warehouse, the service area and all that stuff. Then we got split up into different departments. I was in the "new media" one, which included computers, laptops, printers and everything that had to do with it.
I then met my colleagues for the four days, which always told me what to do and also told me about the work itself. They were all pretty nice to me and it made the work easier and more fun.

For the four days it then was looking for work, doing the work and again looking for work, while learning more about the job and the store. It never was overwhelming or too hard, while sometimes being monotonous.

Overall it was a fun experience and I'd really like to get the apprenticeship. It isn't decided yet and I will get the news next week. On the last day I talked to the head of my department and he told me, he thinks I was better than the intern before me, so that's a light on the horizon.


In other news: I have my theoretical test for my driving license on monday, which I still have to learn for. After that of course comes the practical one, but that's still a little farer away. I still hope, that I can write more posts again after monday, since then I'll have more free time again.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

2 Days To Go (My Internship)

This tuesday my internship begins. Only two days to go. I'm so damn nervous.

To start this off better, I should tell you where I will have my internship. It's in one of the biggest consumer electronic shops in Europe.
I don't know what I will do there, but they'll propably teach me alot about selling products and all that jazz. After all my job that I will learn in the apprenticeship later is a "salesman". I don't know if this is the right word for it in english, but it's more than just standing around, selling products and being the cashier. It's keeping the store going, buying new products and advertising them. That's what I want to do.

While I was happy first, that I got the internship, problems arised. I don't have a driving license yet and neither a car of course and the store is nearly 20 kilometers away from my home. The train and bus connection suck, making me ride for over an hour, while getting there by car would be 20 minutes. I hope I don't get stranded somewhere in a foreign city on my first day, making a good impression already.

The internship is only for four days, so that's pretty cool. It's only for me to get an inside look in the store and the apprenticeship I want to do. I really hope my dreams don't get crushed and that this really is the job I want to do for the rest of my life. Otherwise, there is no plan B.

I'll try to keep you updated next week, of what I learned and stuff. The working time is from 9:45 am to 6:00 pm, so I hope I can find the time to write everything down.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Revisiting the World of Warcraft

I don't know, if you know, but a few years ago, I was playing World of Warcraft like 8 hours a day. The Burning Crusade expansion just came out and a friend of me and myself have been playing free to play mmos for a long time. The next step of course was then to upgrade to World of Warcraft. I think we played for a good 2 years with a few breaks inbetween and it was awesome.
Then Wrath of the Lich King was announced. My friend wasn't playing anymore and I got bored, so I quit. Funny enough I got invited to the Wotlk beta, but it was just "okay" and didn't keep me playing.

Fast forward to 2012.
Blizzard announced the 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria. I hear from forums and other places, that the game isn't as good, as it used to be. Now, the friend I was playing with for the 2 years sends me an old picture collage I made, with screenshots of us and other stuff. 
This used to be my wallpaper

Luckily, I was not stupid enough, to reactivate my old WoW, or now battlenet, account. I made a new one with which I could play till level 20, which is a nice addition by the way. While downloading I noticed, that you could already start the game and even play. I was confused, but when I created my new Tauren Druid, I knew what was going on. The downloader downloads the important parts first, for example the area you play in right now and the character models, that are there. Another pretty cool addition I must say again. But for the last time.

While playing, the first thing I noticed was the incredible help the game gave you. Back in the day, YOU had to find all the enemies or allies to complete the quest. Now, the game throws it literally in your face. Every enemy is marked on the minimap, so you can just grind all the quests, instead of having to think about it before. The UI is totally different, having adapted lots of addons, which you had to download manually before. Which is bad, because earlier you could choose yourself, what you wanted and the UI wasn't ugly too.

After meeting up with my friend in Undercity and literally just standing beside each other, I logged off again and deinstalled the game. I wish they didn't simplify the game like it is. It was good how it was. And that's not just nostalgia goggles. I played on a Burning Crusade private server for a few minutes after that and it was a better experience than what WoW is right now.
Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money. I'm glad I didn't.