Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Didn't Get It (My Internship, My Future)

See that dog up there? That was me the whole day.

So yeah, today I got a letter from Media Markt and it says that they chose other applicants for the apprenticeship and they wish me luck for whatever.
This really bums me out. I had so much fun at the internship and I thought I did a really good job. My colleaugues said, I did my job well, so why the hell they didn't want me? I guess the other interns were better than me at putting boxes in the shelf and putting labels on the products.

My future plans? Well. This year is almost over for applications, but there is still a convention for apprenticeships this weekend, which I will visit. I hope to find something, that atleast interests me and will get me over till next year. Because guess what?
I'm gonna apply for the same apprenticeship next year at Media Markt again!
That's right! Like they can scare me away with my first try. I told the community manager in the application conversation already, if I don't get the apprenticeship, I'll get a job and apply next year again. Then they'll know, I'm serious.

New blogposts? We'll see. I have to get through this crap first. Atleast I passed the theoretical test for my driving license. Only a few more weeks to go, till I can legally drive a car.


  1. Don't let this bum you out too much, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Make sure you spread yourself all over the place... or create your own path. Let them realize they made a mistake by turning you away.

  2. Sometimes, it's not always who does the best work that gets the job. It's who you know, and how well you can network and connect with people.

  3. Aww well theres many more opportunities!

  4. Hmm I'm sure you will find something else productive to do!

  5. sorry to know about it
    it happens keep trying and you will get the rewards

  6. aha the problem with Germany i know the feeling i have also been through this