Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mod: DayZ (ArmA 2)

Are you a fan of zombies and video games, but recent games featuring zombies are not your type, because they all seem the same? Here's the solution!

This mod features a persistent world, in which you need to survive. You need to find ammo, food, water and weapons, while zombies are lurking behind every corner. The map is 225 km² large, leaving you an almost endless world to explore...and to find other players. You can either group up, or kill other players for their items. It's all up to you.

If you don't really know, what to make of this description, watch this ongoing series of videos, in which you follow a few players, trying to survive:

Did you enjoy it? Here's the link to the mod:

The mod is still in the alpha, so if you haven't bought ArmA 2 yet and want to for this mod, be ready for complications before and while playing.


  1. Awesome! Actually cant see why there arent more games like this.

  2. Zombie survival in video games just got up a notch, this isn't a great mod this is AWESOME!!!

  3. Awesome game man, i must try it!! ;)

  4. I really like the graphics of this game, also seems like it have good gameplay - Thanks for sharing!

  5. I watched a video of a guy get mugged in this game, seems pretty cool

  6. Do you have any video of that? I'd want to find out more details.
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    1. Of what exactly? Just search Youtube for "dayz arma 2", you'll find all you need.