Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First Time Playing Tribes: Ascend Open Beta

Last week the game Tribes: Ascend went open beta. I heard alot about it, so I downloaded it and tried it out. Here's my first multiplayer match. I only did some practice mode before that, so I wouldn't be a total noob.
Please excuse the horrible framerate. My laptop isn't that good and recording makes it only worse. While not recording, it's pretty smooth and playable. I got definatly better over time. It has a nice learning curve, where at the beginning you are pretty bad and get better pretty fast. I encourage you to try it out, because I never had so much fun playing a FPS recently.
Also, if you want to add me as a friend, my name is "Weezle91".


  1. Not bad! Definitely a much more fast paced FPS than Halo/GW3 etc.

  2. It really takes awhile to get used to the mechanics of the game, especially the spinfuser.

  3. whoa, hop in and shoot. looks like fun

    1. Can just agree it looks really funny :)
      I try it out soon!

  4. This looks great!


  5. Looks like a pretty cool game, yeah :D

  6. As interesting as it looks I just don't have the time for it. :(

  7. I lol'd at "I'm so bad at this game."

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