Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nostalgia Sunday: Lego Racers

Lego Racers
This was such a fun game, back in the day. Racing against other Lego characters with your custom build go-kart. I remember some of the "Boss Races" being incredibly difficult, but that just may be, because I wasn't as good at games as today haha.

The Story:
One of your opponents, Captain Redbeard
Rocket Racer, the best racer in the Lego universe, becomes bored and holds a challenge. He travels through time and space, to find worthy opponents he can race against. You now must defeat all the other bosses on their track, to be able to finally race against the champion, Rocket Racer. It's simple as that.

The Game:
The game is a simple "Fun Racer". You finish several laps on the track, while collecting power-ups, which you can use against other racers, or on your own car, making it faster for a short period of time, for example. There are also short-cuts, which you can drive through, when using a certain power-up. It's possible, and encouraged, to build your own car. At the beginning you only have a small amount of bricks to use on your car, but you get more, by completing the courses and beating the bosses. Aside from the "Story Mode" with Rocket Racer, there's also a time trial mode for every track. You'll race against Rocket Racers friend, Veronica Voltage, who will give you her car, if you beat her on the first three circuits. There's also a multiplayer mode for two racers, in which you race against each other in splitscreen mode. I wish I could tell you more, but that is the game. Even though it doesn't feature much, I still have fond memories of it, so it was a fun game for me.

Prequels and Sequels:
Like the picture above suggests, Lego made a second game out of the Lego Racers franchise, Lego Racers 2. It was for PC, Playstation 2 and Gameboy Advance. I never had it, so I can only tell you, what the Internet told me. It seems like, it's pretty much the same as the first game, with a little more. There are now more racers on the track, with much more unique cars. It is also more of an open world game, where you get missions, aside from the races. The ratings from gametesters were rather good, giving around 7.2 points.

The second game looks fun, but propably nothing I would play at this time. I think both Lego Racers games have aged badly, but that's personal taste.


  1. Oh god, thank for this post. I have totally forgot about that game, played it so much when I was younger.

  2. I'm a fan of racing games and I let this one slip from my notice. I will seek it out and play it at some point. Good review!

  3. Ah! I remember this game, used to be what I played all the time.

  4. Man I spent too many hours on Lego racers as a kid, I remember that you could build your own car too which was pretty cool. Never got LR2 either...

  5. I remember this game! So much fun... still not as good as Lego Island, though.

  6. I had Lego Island. Now I kind of feel nostalgic and want to fool around with it again.

  7. I hated this game i could never win!

  8. I never knew Lego made a kart racer. It's been a long time since every company tried to play off the success of Mario Kart. I remember Crash Team Racing on PS1 was the best of the competition

  9. a lot more recent, but anybody ever check out LEGO Universe?

    1. I actually was in the beta. Kinda liked it, was nothing special though. The word filter in the chat killed it for me pretty much, because almost every word was forbidden to use.

  10. I would play that on my core i7 rig

  11. I was playing on PC

  12. I'll never forget Lego racers 1 and 2 :)