Friday, March 2, 2012

Movies I Just Watched: Mad Max

The Story In One Sentence (from IMDb):
In a dystopic future Australia, a vicious biker gang murder a cop's family and make his fight with them personal.

My Opinion:
I actually was kinda anticipating to watch this movie. All I've heard about it was, what the one sentence from above tells: One man against the world. But after watching it, I was disappointed. The story telling was slow and boring. The action sequences were good, but the rest felt so long and there weren't that many action scenes. 15 minutes before the end, then finally something happens. Till then, it's a rather bad movie. Only the end makes it a little better.

Would I Recommend It?
No. While the end is good, the rest of the movie feels dragged out and boring. Some things are fun to watch, but overall, in my opinion, it isn't a good movie, like everyone seems to think.


  1. I like this short reviewing format, it's not too long, nor too short to not get anything out of it. And I'm going to be agreeing with you on this one. I didn't feel anything for this either.

  2. With all of the crappy remakes that have been coming out recently, I think the Mad Max movies could actually benefit from a remake. Spice it up with some more action and effects. Still, this movie was pretty different when it first came out, but compared to movies now a days, it blows.

  3. not bad not too good movie
    nice pic

  4. Guess I won't be watching it then.

  5. Everyone talks about it but i didn't ever seen it :s

  6. I always get confused between 'The Road Warrior' and 'Mad Max'. In any case, I think they get hyped a lot because it's the movie that made Mel Gibson

  7. The guy that did this review is nothing short of a cockhead. You must be an american, just because this movie doesn't show an american saving the day like all the movies these days, it's boring or no good. Grow a brain cell all you douche bags. It is still the highest grossing movie, compared to movie costs ever. no movie these days will ever beat it! See you on the road scag!!