Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nostalgia Sunday: EyeToy: Play

EyeToy: Play
I thought this was so revolutionary back in the day. Well, it kinda was. The whole camera thing and without a controller was new and innovative. Alone this game was not so much fun though. Playing with friends and fooling around made it awesome. But I guess playing with friends is always more fun.

The Story:
Pictures of EyeToy: Play are hard to find, so take this Asian screaming as excuse.
You're looking for a story in this game? Ha! There is none! Only the one, you make up for yourself.

The Game:
The game had 13 mini-games to choose from, including "Plate Spinner" pictured above and "Kung Foo" pictured in "The Story". All these games were different from each other and concentrated either on your reaction or your speed. The camera made the controller useless. Everything was controlled by yourself. Apart from the mini-games, there were also a simple video recorder, or a "picture distorter", which was no real game, but more like a test for the game mechanics. It would spawn balloons for example, which reacted to your movements. This was basically all of the game, but it was fun. Atleast for a few months and ofcourse with friends.

Prequels and Sequels:
EyeToy: Play was pretty successful, so why not cash in on the whole thing and make several sequels, which all featured new games, but were practically the same. No, not really. EyeToy: Play 2 improved on the first game and the third did on the second in small parts. I only had the first one, so I can't talk about the others. It's easy to see, that Microsoft wanted to do something like EyeToy themselves, which resulted in the Kinect. The Kinect though is way more advanced, since it can detect the room in 3D, while the EyeToy only did it in 2D. I don't even have a Kinect, so I can't talk about it much either. I'm such a competent blogger.

PS2 is gone. There's no way to emulate this. I think I don't even want to. The game looks pretty boring to todays standards.


  1. Now this idea has evolved to the Kinect, etc. Good post; I had forgotten about this.

  2. I remember playing webcam games on newgrounds.

  3. Never really got into motion sensors tbh.

  4. Lol, yea, I totally remember playing with this at a friend's house when I was a kid :D

  5. PS2 <3

    Ahah, good post. :D

  6. I never had one
    I did have the camera attachment for the gameboy color though