Friday, January 20, 2012

Mod: Elevator Source

A nice little mod I found in certain forums. The premise of the game is that you ride an elevator.
That's it.
But it sure can be fun, like in the video above I recorded. Every room is different and at the end you can chill in the penthouse, with a TV, Pool billard and gambling.
To play the mod you need Garrys Mod and Half Life Episode 2.

Download it here:


  1. Yes, I am agree with you. This is really a great game with suspense of ending room. I was also shocked to see this gambling and TV in end room. I love this game.

  2. That looks like a sweet mod. I haven't played HL2 in a while, maybe I will load it up again. Thanks!

  3. I might give it a try, haven't fooled around with Garry's mod in a while.