Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Megauploads takedown and moving forward

The picture you see when visiting megaupload.com

I guess you all heard about the recent closing of Megaupload and the arrest of the founder Kim Schmitz. Everybody seems to be scared as hell and fears being arrested for downloading copyrighted material. Other filesharing services, like Fileserve and Filesonic changed their sites, so you can only download, what you uploaded yourself, or even closed all accounts, so no material can be uploaded anymore. Rapidshare even wants to shutdown the site out of fear. 

Now what I think about all this.

Everybody's overreacting. Surely it is a wise move to shutdown the service for a small amount of time, to search for copyrighted material and to delete it, but then it should reopen again. It is not the filesharing services fault, if people upload copyrighted material. It's hard to track every upload and even the FBI should acknowledge that. As far as I know, only Megaupload encouraged its users to upload copyright infringing material.

Now to the people, who downloaded movies, games, etc. Unless the filesharing services give their logfiles to the FBI, pretty much nothing can happen to you.
Also: Those filesharing services taken down will be replaced eventually. There's always someone who wants to make profit out of this business, so don't take it so hard.


  1. Yea it probably wont have that much impact, it might be the start of something bigger though.

  2. Ughhh HR. 1981 is going to suck aswell!

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    1. im here again to take a look for your new post, keep posting, have a nice days

  4. Filesonic and other filesharing sites are becoming paranoid as well. :\

  5. Yeah, its not looking good right now, well jsut have to wait out the storm so to speak.

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  6. yes very true and they are persecuting the owners as criminals!

  7. They may have take megaupload down, but a few more will rise to replace it, so.. They'll never win!
    Great blog, by the way. Following. :)

  8. fight ACTA, that seems to be the next big one

  9. People can put their outfit on a barge and run the site from the ocean. They can't touch you. The gambling sites do it and the free-radios used to do it in my day. Some of this is just hype to get us frightened.

  10. yeah, Megaupload was just the most obvious choice to make a example of. There will probably always be some place you can get your pirated movies, music, videos games ect. just have to go with a smaller under the radar site.