Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Steam Holiday Sale

It's that time again!

The annual Steam Holiday Sale started again today (or yesterday, I don't know). While there are numerous games on sale, there's also the Achievements we already know from the Steam Summer Camp. Finishing one of the Achievements gets you a present, which can have free games, coupons, or coal. With the coal you enter a chance for the grand prize giveaway. The grand prize are ALL games ever on Steam. That's right! But only one person can get it. The more coals you have, the higher is your chance to win. If you don't want the coal, you can combine seven of them to get another present, which will have either a free game or a coupon. No coal.

Spend your money, or don't. I didn't ;). But there might come that one deal, that takes it all again...like the last few times...GAAAAAAAAABBBEEE!


  1. I won't be spending any money to steam.
    Nope. Never. You'll never even see m- OH MY FUCKING GOD 75% OFF !?!!