Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Details on the new South Park RPG by Obsidian


Finally, there are some new details about the new South Park game. I'm really looking forward to this, because I always liked the show. Here are some details that stand out to me:
- The first game Parker and Stone have directly participated in, writing the script and the dialogue.
- The player’s character will be fully customizable.
- There are five classes, which are wizard, paladin, adventurer, rogue, and a fifth unannounced class.
- The player will play as the new kid in town, the main theme of the game is fitting in and being accepted.
- Combat system is like Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi games.
- They talk about how they have had to scrap level because the perspective wasn’t right because everything is hand illustrated and hand animated.

I think this will turn out good, because Obsidian is making it and Matt and Trey have a Creative role in the process. Time will tell I guess.


  1. OBsidian is good in making rpgs.
    Lets see what they can do with South Park.

  2. Wow this could be pretty good. I love rpg's and I love south park so I bet a south park rpg will kick ass!

  3. Ow nice, I remember that old game they brought out like 5 years ago, with cartman on a trike or something, that was quite fun but a South Park RPG? Sounds sweet, cant wait to get my hand on when they bring it out!

  4. A wizard Kenny... I bet he would still die at least once a day.