Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic Review (kinda)

Well yeah, I was invited for the closed Beta last weekend and here are some of my impressions.

After downloading around 20 GB's for 5 days, I was finally able to play the game on friday. After starting the game, you get a really awesome cinematic, which shows some Jedis fighting and then escaping a spaceship. Then you can choose your server, if there is one available, that isn't already full and has a queue waiting time of 4 hours.
The next thing to do, is to create your character. You can choose between 4 classes and races and can then customize your appearance.
After hitting the "play" button, you get a nice introduction to your character, again with a cinematic. This is specified for each class.
The next thing you'll notice, is the incredible lag, because of so many players, which are all in the same area, doing the same quests. Every quest starts with a conversation and ends the same too. While this is nice and the voice acting (atleast in german) is pretty good, The Old Republic shows its first weakness, its graphics.

Even though the character you're talking with might be crying or screaming, you can't really see it in the persons face. The graphics all around aren't too nice either, even though they're not awful.
Gameplaywise everything's still the same, if you played other MMO's. You got your hotbar, with skills on it, you can interact with other players via chat or invite them to groups, and ofcourse the fetchquests are back, which aren't that bad, because of the introductions to it.
I've only been playing a Sith Knight and a Republican Soldier and I must say, I've been enjoying the Soldier more than the Sith. I don't know really why, but it was just more entertaining.

All in all I must say, The Old Republic is pretty entertaining. I don't know if it can kill World of Warcraft, but can you kill, what's already dead?

Peace out, Alucard

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