Friday, November 18, 2011

Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

The great war of our time! Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

While BF3 has the superior graphics and has its focus on Teamplay, MW3 still seems to have the larger fanbase and therefore more buying customers.

I for one prefer Battlefield 3.

Why? Simple.

The Call of Duty games haven't changed since Modern Warfare 1. Neat little graphic and Multiplayer tweaks, but nothing like Battlefield 3 has delivered.
While console players never had the ability to fly jets, they now have, instead of calling in Airstrikes or only flying Helicopters in Bad Company. 64 players on PC is a huge advantage also, while 24 on consoles are still fun. Huge maps, destructible enviroments and much more, which MW3 just can't deliver.

Share your opinions in the comments and which game you prefer.


  1. Too bad it's not like Gran Turismo series vs Forza series. If you have a Xbox, you get Forza, if you have an PS3, you get GT period

  2. I prefer BF3 a lot more than MW3. The MW series just feels like a TV series that has been reused over and over again.

  3. I'm a MW3 myself, just because of the simplicity of the game. It's enjoyable. As soon as it was installed, I jumped on multi player and got a three kill streak.

    I read a review that I agree with completely, comparing MW3 with Time Crisis. You put in your money, shoot up the bad guys, go home. It's enjoyable and playable, and for that, they succeeded.

  4. I prefer BF3 because you need to think of tactical decisions and not just run in and shoot everybody

  5. well i own both if i fell like jumping in a quick game that i dont need to think about MW3
    but if i feel like something abit deeper BF3 is the way to go

  6. While I'm more of a (mmo)RPG player, and only play FPS games on rare occasions I have to say that BF3 is obviously the superior choice.

    Not only does BF3 have far more features, such as driving vehicles that they can't in MW3, but it is also much more multiplayer oriented and requires much more teamwork.
    Which for me, as an MMORPG fan is a BIG plus.

    Although, both lack majorly in the dinosaur department :(

  7. As a mmorpg player myself I find them both very enjoyable but I must cast my vote with BF3. It is just so realistic and much harder then MW3 to play well. Play a bunch of BF3 then go to any MW game and you play so much better. At least I do

  8. just saying. bf3 is much more fun than mw3.. its like "real" war. nobody jumps there and make quickscopes.